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Musical Chairs | Lesbian Romance Books

Winnie Burr can't get noticed. For two years she's been playing open mic night at bars throughout the city, trying to catch a break. And it doesn't help that she feels in direct competition with Kirsten Kavanaugh, another singer-songwriter who looks so similar to Winnie that the two are often confused for each other.

While Winnie battles with her own wavering feelings of self-worth, Kirsten appears so confident and talented. Deep down, Kirsten is exactly who Winnie wishes she could be. But when these two young women are paired up for a songwriting event, Winnie must put aside her envy and work together with her musical rival.

The stories that Winnie has let stew in her head don't always reflect the reality that's in front of her. As she grows closer to Kirsten and begins to open up, will Winnie's dreams of getting noticed come to fruition alongside an unlikely romance?

Snowed Under | Lesbian Romance Books

Alone in her cabin, during an increasingly snowy winter, novelist Emma Doughty has a lot to work through. As she struggles to complete the latest book in her on-going series, Emma must also contend with remnant feelings of heartbreak and abandonment. And now, after turning forty and spending another Christmas by herself, she's feeling completely lost in life and in love.

Emma's neighborhood is mostly summer homes, and winter is a quiet season around the lake. So when Marian Taggart moves in across the street, Emma finds herself immediately interested in her pretty new neighbor. Marian, recently divorced, is feeling lost, too. But she has a much different story than Emma, and she's eager to escape her past, figure out what's next, and finally live her life true to herself.

Both Emma and Marian feel buried by an avalanche of life's difficulties. As their relationship heats up, can this new romance survive the winter blues, an intolerant family, and an old flame?

All Good Stuff | Lesbian Romance Books

Missy Marsh is a minimalist. But with her hoarder mother's recent passing, Missy has inherited a home full of stuff. It's a daunting task to manage, a burden that provokes old memories and reminds her of current struggles. Although Missy has downsized her own life, she now has much more baggage to deal with--both physical and emotional.

When Missy enlists the help of a local estate sale company, she meets Daphne Martens. Daphne is a beautiful woman, and Missy can't help but feel attracted to her confidence and poise. With the guidance of Daphne and her impetuous sister, Missy not only sees a way forward with her mother's house, but with her own emotional hoarding as well.

As Missy opens up and deals with her feelings, things with Daphne take a turn for the romantic. With new love on the line, can Missy find a happy medium between her lifestyle of less and having the things she's always wanted?

Farm To Table | Lesbian Romance Books

Kimmy Brooks is a young chef at an upscale restaurant in a small vacation town. Although she's made strides in getting her life on track, a lack of direction and low self-esteem has got Kimmy in a rut. She's made it far on her own, but where does she go from here?

When Kimmy meets local farmer Ava Kloser, she discovers an accomplished, savvy, and hard-working woman who seems to have it all figured out. Ava is the kind of woman who goes after what she wants and knows how to make things happen. But while Ava's initiative is inspiring and attractive, Kimmy can't help but struggle with feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.

Ava can see Kimmy's talent, strength, and potential. As the seeds of their relationship grow and an opportunity for something more sprouts up, will Kimmy believe in herself enough to take the leap she so desperately needs?

Back On Her Feet | Lesbian Romance Books

Lucy Burgess feels like she's lost it all. After losing her job in New York City, she's forced to move back to her hometown with her mother. Living at home in her mid-thirties isn't how Lucy envisioned life. And she's finding it hard to see the light.

But there's hope when she meets Aria Caspar, the pretty local barista, and Lucy's first friend after so many years away from home. While Lucy yearns to return to the big city, Aria shows her all the things she's given up to chase her cosmopolitan dreams.

Amid their blooming romance, Lucy discovers that Aria has her own challenges to contend with. Can Lucy and Aria push through the loss and heartache together and get back on their feet?

Dirty Job | Lesbian Romance Books

Mallory Hunt has made a name for herself as "Lory Lick," a professional cam girl who posts videos of herself online in every position she can think up. She films herself solo and in the comforts of her apartment in Chicago, earning a great living and trying to achieve her dream of leaving the city for good. Her job is dirty, but it's also fun and lucrative.

Searching for another girl to join her to appease her fans, Mallory meets Jessi Chappell. Jessi is intrigued by Mallory's openness, and despite her own insecurities she decides to take Mallory up on her offer. But working with someone who makes dirty videos for a living can be a confusing ride when intimacy is so disconnected from a roll in the sheets.

As Jessi grows closer to Mallory, she discovers that this sensual provocateur is much more than she lets on. Could what these girls have together be the real deal, or is it all just for the camera?

Pocket Queens | Lesbian Romance Books

Constance Duke is a professional Texas Hold'em player. She's sharp and stoic, with a steely poker face and a drive to win. The regulars at her local poker room fear her, and the casuals underestimate her at their own peril. Constance is happy making a good living playing poker on her terms. And then she meets Mina Frye.

Mina is a gifted pickpocket, cunning and conniving, and equally charming and beautiful. At first, Mina sees Constance as just another mark. But she quickly realizes that Constance has much greater potential, and as the two begin to fall for one another, Mina convinces her that Las Vegas and the Poker World Championship are calling Constance's name.

As Constance competes with the world's best poker players, moving her way up in the tournament, she must also navigate the secrets of Mina's checkered past in Las Vegas. The magic they both feel is undeniably real, but is everything with Mina just a bluff to trick Constance into going all-in?

Trail Blazer | Lesbian Romance Books

As her birthday approaches, Gretchen Slate is looking to do something big. Gretchen is an avid hiker, a lover of the outdoors, and sets her sights on Maine's 100 Mile Wilderness, an arduous and remote hike far away from civilization. And she can think of no better company than her best friend Naomi Benson.

This hike is known to change people, and Naomi is in need of a change. She's never left home, never applied herself, and never admitted her true feelings for Gretchen. In fact, Naomi has spent her life running away from her feelings. While Gretchen is eager to get into the woods and climb mountains, Naomi has her own inner mountains to climb.

Out in the wild, it's easy to open up and be your real self. Can these two friends bring the love they feel in the wilderness with them when they return home?

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